Whether you’re a touring company or a venue looking to analyse your ticketing data on a production by production basis, our support team can give you a guided tour to help you find your way around the Show Stats tool.

This free one-to-one onboarding session will give you a basic introduction to Show Stats and the reports you’ll have access to once you have either submitted your ticketing data from your own ticketing system and/or requested access to ticketing data from the venue(s) that you tour to.

An onboarding session lasts around 60 minutes, during which one of our support team will share their screen with you, allowing you to see the Show Stats dashboard in real time as they talk you through it.

To arrange a Show Stats Onboarding Session, simply click here to fill in the form to help us determine the level of support needed. We will then be in contact, to arrange a time and date that suits you.