Automated emails from Show Stats are currently a little scant on detail, which can be frustrating.  Improving the support for and communications generated by our systems is our top priority.  We’re currently scoping changes to the automated emails for our developers and we plan to implement those changes soon. In the meantime, please see below for the explanation to common emails sent by Show Stats.


The status of 1 production has changed.

To view and activate your productions please go to:


At some point recently, you will have requested access to a performance at another venue within Show Stats.  This email is to notify you that the status of a production request has changed, most likely from “pending” to “approved”. A production being “approved” means you can now report on that production within Show Stats, either at the end of the financial year with your free Annual Summary report, or you have to option to pay to activate the single production to view stats on the individual performance(s).