As so many creative activities move online in response to COVID-19, we have launched a free Digital Audience Survey to help you understand more about your online audiences.

Why should I use the Digital Audience Survey?

The Audience Agency's Digital Audience Survey can help you to:

  • Understand who your online audiences are and get their feedback
  • Compare the profile of your physical and digital audiences
  • Compare your digital audience with other organisations in the cultural sector
  • Compare your audiences to other digital cultural audiences across the UK
  • Identify opportunities for future audience and programme development
  • Plug some of the audience ‘data gap’ resulting from the COVID-19 crisis

How do I sign up? 

As part of our work on Audience Finder 2.0 Beta (our next generation Audience Finder service) we have launched a new feature enabling organisations to set up their Digital Audience Survey and receive the survey link within the dashboard with the click of a button.

Audience responses can then be downloaded immediately in real time - which means no more waiting around for data uploads.

To get started, please log in to Audience Finder 2.0 Beta using your existing Audience Finder dashboard credentials and on the homepage scroll down to the 'Surveys' section and click 'Set up a Digital Audience Survey'. Click through the guidance and activate the survey. You will then be able to access the survey link and start collecting data straight away.

Please be aware, this option will only allow you to create the standard version of the Digital Audience Survey, if you wish to add any bespoke questions or customise your survey, please fill in the Digital Audience Survey request form and the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Additionally, if you don’t yet have an Audience Finder log in, and would like to get set up with a Digital Audience Survey, please fill in the Digital Audience Survey request form and a member of the team will be in touch to assist you.

Things to be aware of...

For speed of service to the widest range of organisations, we are unable to make any amendments to the free version of this survey such as personalised references to the organisation or adding/removing questions or answer codes.

If you are interested in making some customisations to your survey, such as adding branding and references to your organisation or adding a bespoke question, please fill in the Digital Audience Survey request form.

This service does not extend to the submission of data from externally managed web surveys. This means that we will not take data on an organisation’s digital audience, collected on platforms such as Survey Monkey.

The responses to this survey cannot be counted towards any reporting requirement targets set by your funder.

In regards to GDPR compliance, as the survey will be deployed by the organisation, they will still be the data controller and The Audience Agency the data processor. However, the survey introduction will need to reference both the organisation and The Audience Agency as data controllers and processors. In order to do this, each organisation will have to add in their own introductory text that sits on their website, as it cannot appear within the survey introduction itself.

Your survey link will be active until 31st August 2021. Organisations can choose to run the survey until this time if they wish or up until they re-open to the public.

Additional Insights

The Audience Agency can also provide some great value additional features including:

  • Tailored questions | £100 + VAT per question.
  • Personalised survey (addition of a logo and your organisation's name within the introduction and question texts) | £100 + VAT.
  • Additional Audience Spectrum or Mosaic profiles | £200/£350 + VAT respectively.
  • Bespoke reporting or support with interpreting your results | Price on request.