Audience Finder helps us all to better understand audience behaviours, motivations, experiences and demographics. It provides useful data and tools to put that understanding in vital context for informing audience development activity and helping to increase and diversify audiences. If you are a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), your funding agreement requires you to submit audience data to Audience Finder, unless you have an official exemption.

To fulfil their Arts Council England (ACE) annual reporting requirements at the end of the financial year, all Band 2 and Band 3 National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) in the funding period 2018–2022 are required to submit data on the protected characteristics of their audiences to Audience Finder which will allow them to create an Audience Report.  The data on protected characteristics can be collected via the core questions in the Audience Finder survey.

Therefore, all Band 2 and Band 3 NPOs must contribute survey data, and should also submit ticketing data where it is possible to do so.

Submitting ticketing data in addition to the required survey data will allow your organisation to utilise all of the audience insight tools within Audience Finder, giving you a better overall picture of your audience.