Have you logged in to request access to production data only to find it’s not there?  If you were able to find the venue, but not the production, the following reasons might be why you can’t find it:

It’s all in the name

A common reason is the name of the show on the venue’s box office system not being what you expect it to be. So, for example, if the fictitious touring company The West Wing Appreciation Society was looking for their production of “Aaron Sorkin - The Golden Years of Seasons 1 to 4” the venue may have called it “West Wing Night” due to character restrictions on their system. Double-check the full list, it might be that it’s just not where you expected it to be, alphabetically speaking.

It’s not ready yet

New data appears in Show Stats each Monday. However, there are a couple of other boxes that need to be ticked first:

  1. The production needs to have matured
    1. From a box office perspective, a performance may not necessarily “mature” on the day it takes place; there is generally a short period of time following the performance to allow for the reconciliation of agent sales/refunds etc. to be processed before the production is considered “mature.”
  2. The data extraction and upload for that venue’s ticketing system also needs to have happened between the production maturing and the data being uploaded to Show Stats.

Venues set a time-frame for data extractions, most happen weekly (especially those with automated data extractions), but some are less frequent.

So, for example, if a venue had an extraction that took place on the 1st of the month, and a performance took place on the 2nd, the box office considered it to be matured on the 4th, it wouldn’t be available until the Monday following the next extraction on the 7th.

Missing dates within a production run

Please note that the timing of a venue’s data extraction may fall in the middle of your production run, meaning that not all of the performances within that run will have matured in time for the most recent extraction. The remaining dates should be included in the venue’s next data extraction and will appear in Show Stats on the Monday following that extraction.

It’s not been uploaded

Venues can choose to exclude a production from their data upload to Audience Finder. This is rare; exclusion is mainly used as a mechanism for venues to stop unnecessary data on merchandise, parking, food/beverages, ticketed receptions or conferences etc. being uploaded. If the venue has accidentally excluded your production from its upload to Audience Finder, it will not be available in Show Stats. Your venue should be able to tell you if it has been excluded/included in the upload.

If all else fails, please raise a ticket with our support team.