Log into your Show Stats account.


Click on "Find Productions" from the top menu


Select the Financial Year you want to report on from the "Financial Years" drop-down menu.  Set the "Venue" and "Status" drop-down menus to "Show All".  This will show you all the productions you have requested from all venues for this financial year.  Check this list carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are all available productions listed?
  2. Are all listed productions Approved or Activated?

If the answer is "No" to either questions, do not proceed, as an Annual Summary can only be created once.  If you are missing some productions, request them as normal.  If some productions have a status of "Pending", contact someone at the venue.  (N.B. Productions do not have to be Activated to run an Annual Summary; they just need to be approved.)


Once you are satisfied that all your productions are listed and have the status "Approved" or "Activated", click the pink "Create Annual Summary" button located at the top right-hand-side of the table.


Click on "Reporting" from the top menu.


  1. From the Category drop-down menu select "Annual Summaries"
  2. From the "Productions" drop-down menu, you should now see an option for "Annual Audience Summary: 20xx/20xx" for the appropriate Financial Year you just created in Step Three.
  3. The "Performance" drop-down menu will only have one option: "Show All"
  4. Click the pink "Run Report" button.


  • The report will generate and a dashboard of graphs will be shown on screen.
    • The individual graphs can be maximised by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and you can download a .png image of the graph by clicking the download icon.
  • A new pink button will also have appeared at the top right-hand-side of the page which says "Download all CSVs"; clicking this button will generate a .zip file containing the CSV outputs for each metric.

A NOTE FOR ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND NPOs:  If you are required to upload Show Stats data as part of your End of Year Audience Report for Arts Council England, Grantium does not accept .zip files, so you must combine the CSVs into a single spreadsheet.  You can also, should you wish, download the individual images of each graph to include within the spreadsheet, but this is not compulsory.