See who lives where. The Audience Agency has a variety of free tools and resources looking at the demographic makeup of Wales through the lens of Audience Spectrum - a tool that segments the whole UK population by their attitudes towards culture, and by what they like to see and do.

Audience Spectrum Mapping by Region or City in Wales

A series of free downloadable maps focusing on the following areas:

Cardiff, Newport, North Wales, South Central Wales, South East Wales, South West Wales and Swansea. 

These regional maps identify the key Audience Spectrum segments for each region across Wales, presented from two different perspectives:


Audience Spectrum Mapping by Postal Sector

Use the free interactive mapping tool within your Audience Finder Dashboard to explore the distribution of each Audience Spectrum segment at a postal sector level. 

Step 1 – Register for a / login to your existing Audience Finder dashboard at

Step 2 – Select ‘Mapping’ from the menu bar on the left

Step 3 – In the page header, select the area (eg. Cardiff) and segment (eg. Experience Seekers) that you’d like to explore and select search to view your map.


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