Using our next-generation Audience Finder tool, Audience Finder 2.0 BETA (AF 2.0 BETA), you can explore your organisation's data at local authority electoral ward level through the 'Which electoral wards do my bookers come from, within a specific local authority area' insight. 


Existing users can login to the AF 2.0 BETA via a magic link to the email address connected to your existing Audience Finder and/or Show Stats account. 


Accessible from the Insights section of the homepage, this insight allows users to analyse your data at electoral ward level by a custom date range. Selecting your designated ward area from your dataset, relating to your objective, and clicking 'Generate' offers a full overview of the data during this date range.

Once generated, your data within the electoral ward detailing the total bookers, percentage of bookers of your dataset, total tickets, total revenue, (ticket sales) households, percentages of households, and index. Within the index, values over 100 indicate that your audience from that electoral ward is over-represented when compared to the number of households in that area. Values under 100 indicate that your audience from that electoral ward is under-represented.


The What's Next section below the data tables provides suggestions on the next steps to consider to help further analysis and practical implementation within your organisation. 

We encourage all users within data contributing organisations to explore the insights available in Audience Finder 2.0 BETA and provide their feedback to help us continue to develop the platform.