Organisations of all types based in or touring within Scotland can access Mosaic Scotland through Show Stats

Accessible through the Annual ReportProduction and Performance Reporting and Custom Grouping functionality. Please note, the latter options require a fee as an enhanced service. 


Once a report is activated Mosaic Scotland is shown within the Customer Profiling section. (the bottom right-hand section of the report image below) This is available when running reports of either of the three options detailed above. Mosaic Scotland groups can be viewed (zoom feature on the chart available) downloaded (full data or CSV of the image) and analysed alongside other insights within the report or other audience data. 

If no audience data is available from within Scotland, no bookers of the report have provided a postcode from within Scotland, the Mosaic Scotland section will remain blank and only Mosaic UK will be available alongside Audience Spectrum. This example is shown in the image below.


For further support in accessing Mosaic Scotland, please contact our support team at