Yes, they are differences in two questions within core survey for Scotland compared to the England equivalent. 


The differences occur within the ‘About Us’ demographics section at the end of the survey within the Gender Identity and Ethnicity questions. The questions have been designed to align with the way Census data is collected in Scotland. This enables us to compare your visitor profile to the general population. 


The Gender identity question within the Scottish core survey is mandatory and outlined as of the below wording, in line with the census for Scotland.

Unlike the core survey for England and Wales, the core Audience Finder for Scotland provides two options for surveying on ethnicity as detailed below with a full and shortened breakdown of each ethnic group and background.

All other questions, and options available within the premium question set, are the same as the core Audience Finder survey for England. Explore wider considerations for setting your survey and for more on the survey offer available, before requesting set up of your first survey