To generate your free Audience Report in Audience Finder 2.0 Beta log into the tool using your existing Audience Finder credentials. On the dashboard homepage, under 'Reports' section you will see your Audience Report by financial year.

Your report is autogenerated and will contain all ticketing and/or survey data for the chosen financial year, depending on the type of data your organisation contributes. 

If you are an Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), the Audience Report will support your annual ACE NPO return. 

NPOs will be also be alerted to any parts of the report which is not compliant in line with their organisation's funding agreement. For example, Band 2 or 3 NPOs in the funding period 2018–2022 are required to submit data on the protected characteristics of their audiences. If this data has not been collected, Band 2 or 3 organisation will see a warning message within the report informing them of this. 

If you are contributing ticketing data, the report will automatically includes data collected from all tickets issued to performances within the chosen financial year. 

If you are contributing survey data, the report will automatically include all responses from the chosen financial year (i.e. responses from all of your surveyed audience that attended your programme during 2020-21). You can also choose to de-select surveys and re-generate the report if you wish to limit the report to specific surveys that you have run that year. 

You can email a PDF copy of the report to yourself to share. There are no limits to the number of free Audience Reports that you can generate.