Audience Finder’s national standardised survey has become an industry standard, giving all arts organisations a framework for collecting audience demographics and information about motivations, attendance, and experiences to your organisation and/or production. And because everyone is asking the same questions with the same answer codes, it allows the benchmarking of your audience data against other cultural organisations in your region and against the national and regional census data in Wales. Available in English and/or Welsh language. 


In addition to the free Audience Finder core survey for Wales, you can choose to add up to five questions from our list of Premium Questions for free and undertake your survey using a range of methodologies.


Reading our guidance on considerations for survey collection during 2021/22 is recommended before requesting your first Audience Finder survey in Wales.


Please note that the Audience Finder survey is not suitable for surveying online and digital audiences. If you would like to collect data around your online or digital offering, the Digital Audience Survey is also available to all organisations in Wales, in English and/or Welsh language.