We offer free of charge targeted training sessions covering our Audience Finder platforms and services. These sessions are for all current and prospective users with personalised content shaped to your needs and level of experience. We can deliver a guided session at every level, whether you need a tour of what’s on offer to help you familiarise yourself in order to get started, or a guide to the practical application of the data-driven insights that Audience Finder, Show Stats and Audience Finder 2.0 BETA provide. 


Whether you are a touring organisation, performing arts venue, visual art gallery or museum, an outdoor arts organisation, or don’t fit neatly in any of these categories. Our team can give you a tailored tour to help you get what you need to make the most out of the services our available.  


An Audience Finder In Practice session lasts around 60 minutes and takes place remotely. One of our team will share their screen with yours as they talk you through our resources in relation to your audience objectives, allowing you to delve in real-time into the features you’ve asked to learn about. 

To arrange an In Practice Session, simply provide a couple of details here. We will then be in contact to arrange a time and date that suits you. 

Thank you and your wonderful colleagues for all the invaluable help in getting me started with Audience Finder. I'm delighted to confirm that we now have a digital survey and an actual survey set up and certainly will be using the e-survey pronto with our panto! ...Truthfully I was a bit apprehensive about the process and I absolutely need not have been.
Sam Wellington, Impact & Evaluation Officer, Charnwood Arts 


I found the session incredibly helpful and useful, and suddenly the daunting task of data analysis seemed much more straightforward with The Audience Agency’s insight and brilliant tools. It was also such a great opportunity to bounce off ideas with a friendly and knowledgeable advisor, and I came away with more ideas and an improved sense of how we could understand our audience.
Richard Matthews, Head of Marketing & Development, Graeae Theatre Company