No.  The wording and inclusion of these questions is compulsory in Audience Finder to allow for the greatest comparison and benchmarking. The only exceptions are:

  • There is an alternative version of Question 1 around frequency for organisations whose events are annual.
  • Question 3 around artform can be removed to reflect your programme or the artform can be pre-filled automatically if you are a single artform organisation.
  • Question 8 (sex) & Question 9 (gender identity): You can choose to just ask the sex question, ask both the sex and gender identity questions or just the gender identity question itself.  However, the gender identity question is mandatory for organisations in receipt of Arts Council England Band 2 or Band 3 NPO funding. 
  • Question 12 (disability - social model) and Question 12a (disability - medical model): If you are an Arts Council England NPO, the social model question is mandatory and will be added to your survey.  If you are NOT an Arts Council England NPO, you can choose to ask either Question 12* or Question 12a.

* = Please note census level benchmarking data is not available for Question 12 (disability - social model). To read a factsheet on the new social model disability question for NPOs, please visit: