It is possible to collect survey data via third-party software and upload the externally collected data into Audience Finder. However, there are some very important points which you must take into consideration BEFORE you set up your survey with a third party if you wish to be able to upload data into Audience Finder:

  • Your survey MUST be compatible with the Audience Finder Core Survey.  By this, we mean:
    • All core survey questions must be included
    • All questions must be worded in exactly the same way as the Core Survey
    • All answer codes must be an exact match for the answer codes in the Core Survey
  • Your survey should be checked by our team BEFORE you start collecting data, otherwise we cannot guarantee its' compatibility.
    • If your survey is incompatible or incomplete, the data will not be uploaded into Audience Finder
  • Uploading externally collected data into Audience Finder costs £200 + VAT per upload, providing the data is formatted correctly*.
    • If your data is not formatted correctly and you would like The Audience Agency to re-format it for you, this will incur a minimum charge of £400 + VAT (a quote will be given once we have assessed the data)
    • Organisations in receipt of Arts Council England NPO funding that are required to use Audience Finder to produce an annual audience report can upload externally collected survey data once per year with no charge, providing it is formatted correctly*.
      • If an Arts Council England NPO requires more than one data upload per year, this will incur a charge of £200 + VAT per upload of correctly formatted data.

By collecting survey data via third-party software, you will not have a regular feed of survey responses going straight into your organisation's Audience Finder dashboard.  This means your organisation will not benefit from having year-round access to the national and regional benchmarking that Audience Finder provides, based upon your latest survey responses.

* = We can provide you with an external data template document (.xlsx) for you to populate with your data.