Audience Spectrum is a segmentation system created by the Audience Agency and an included with Audience Finder, Audience Finder 2.0 BETA and Show Stats. 

Audience Spectrum segments the whole UK population by their attitudes towards culture, and by what they like to see and do. There are 10 different Audience Spectrum profiles that you can use to understand who lives in your local area, what your current audiences are like, and what you could do to build new ones. Audience Spectrum is the most accurate tool the sector has ever had to help target audiences, and include a wider public.

Audience Spectrum profiles the population at household and post-code levels and can be used as a tool for prospecting and data-tagging as well as profiling and mapping. Over 850 organisations (large, small, ticketed and non-ticketed) are now using it practically and strategically.

You can explore descriptions of 10 Audience Spectrum segments here or within the National Data section of your Audience Finder dashboard.