How do respondents access the survey?

Respondents access the online survey link, provided to you by TAA, via your website or social media channels. Upon submission of a response, the data is captured securely and stored within our survey platform, Snap Surveys.

What are the survey questions?

You can click here to download a PDF copy of the Digital Audience Survey. Questions are themed around:

  • Engagement with your online activities and offerings
  • Previous engagement with your physical venue or events
  • Online engagement with arts and culture, more generally, during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Your online audience profile and location

Can I make changes to the survey?

In order to get this new national digital audience research service up and running as quickly as possible, the survey is designed as a templated questionnaire. Therefore, the free version won’t include any references to an organisation or event and cannot include bespoke questions or answers. If you are interested in making some customisations to your survey, such as adding logos, branding and references to your organisation or adding a bespoke question, please get in touch.


How will I access my data?

You can access your data via Audience Finder Beta 2.0. Simply login using your existing Audience Finder credentials and scroll down to the 'Download your survey data' section, where you'll be able to download the raw data csv file of your Digital Audience Survey. Your data is updated on a daily basis.

The Audience Agency will also provide one free Audience Spectrum profile of your digital survey respondents at the postcode level. This can be requested at any point during the research, although we strongly recommend that at least 400 survey responses are obtained, to ensure a robust and representative sample.

Please email us if you have any additional custom reporting needs or want to discuss how we could help with your digital audience strategy.


When will the benchmark results be published?

We aim to publish free benchmark reports and insights on a rolling basis as the research progresses.

As we want to ensure a good representation of organisations across the sector within the analysis, we cannot yet provide a reporting schedule but will keep all participants informed of updates.

Please note, no individual organisations’ results or responses will be identifiable within the benchmark reporting.

How long will this survey run for?

The survey will be open initially until 31st December 2020, however, we may seek to extend this period if required. TAA will keep all participants informed of any updates to the timetable.

How will respondents' personal information be managed?

TAA acts as a data processor on behalf of organisations using the service, processing the personal information collected (postcode and protected characteristics data) for which those organisations are responsible as data controllers, in order to provide them with accurate analysis of the size and nature of both their own audiences and those for arts and cultural events in the United Kingdom as a whole.

TAA will never use the personal information that it processes in this research for the purpose of contacting any individuals. Neither will we ever sell, share, trade or rent any personal information that we process with any third-party organisations without the express instruction of the respective data controller.