Issue Summary


Ticketing data is not being extracted from SeatGeek (SRO4) into Audience Finder ticketing which is affected all users with this system and those currently in the set-up process form across the UK.


Current status


Following work by SeatGeek who run SRO4 to upgrade and unify their system and hosting, we are unable to support installations of the existing SRO4 Data Extraction Client (DEC). Our technical partners JCA and Baker Richards are liaising with SeatGeek to resolve this issue by developing a new DEC for SRO4, which will use a new SeatGeek API.

All parties involved do appreciate the urgency of getting this resolved for our clients and we will update all SRO4 users as soon as the issue has been fixed. 


Further questions?

If you have further questions about this issue, please raise a ticket with our support team.