Creative Scotland appointed the Audience Agency in 2019 to provide Data & Analytical services for organisations in the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland through an enhanced version of Audience Finder for Scotland. 


How will my organisation benefit from taking part in the programme?

The free package of support included under the programme specifically focusses on helping organisations access data about their own audiences, and cultural audiences more generally, to support programming, marketing, resource planning and advocacy through an evidence-based approach.  

By taking part, your organisation will have access to free online audience insight tools and reporting, support and training from The Audience Agency team, free standardised survey setup for your organisation, a series of online community forum sessions to connect and learn alongside your peers and free access to Scotland’ National Insight Conference.


How is the Data and Analytical services programme delivered?

The programme is primarily delivered via The Audience Agency’s online tools Audience Finder, Audience Finder 2.0 BETA (the next generation of audience insight in Scotland) and Show Stats, with additional support, training sessions and events delivered by The Audience Agency team.

Audience Finder is a data and development programme for cultural organisations to access, compare and apply audience insight. It combines data from all UK households with information about audience behaviour and profile to highlight opportunities for growth and change. It is an essential part of any audience development toolkit and provides useful benchmarks and reports.

Show Stats is an audience insight tool powered by Audience Finder allowing touring companies and organisations to see their audiences across a full tour and performance by performance. By using Show Stats touring organisations can create a clear picture of their audiences to create integrated marketing plans or build cases for funding and partnership work.



Will taking part cost me time and money?

The programme is completely free for both data-contributing organisations and touring organisations to take part in and once requested, the setup process will be handled by The Audience Agency team in both a ticketing and survey capacity.


You will be requested to complete production categorisation of at least three years of historic productions if you are contributing ticketing data. Once you are set up there are no requirements on your time or for the use of the tools and services that are part of the programme – rather, they are there for you to make use of as and when you want. 

Touring organisations can use Show Stats to locate and request their production data from their host venues as part of the program. 



Is my organisation still part of the Data and Analytical services programme if we joined before March 2019?

If your organisation worked with previous iterations of the programme through Culture Republic, you will have benefitted from useful annual reports offering an overview of insights about your audiences. 


Since The Audience Agency began delivering the programme in March 2019, newly signed up organisations have been able to use our free online tools Audience Finder, Audience Finder 2.0 BETA and Show Stats not only to generate an overview report and ticketing/survey features like those you received in the past, but also to explore a host of tailored insights via interactive mapping, filter tools and benchmarks. In addition, you can look at your data through the lens of our powerful segmentation system Audience Spectrum


If you are not already signed up to Audience Finder you must do so to access the programme. 



How can I sign up to the Data and Analytical services programme?

To find out more about the program and how you can sign up, visit audiencefinder.sco or request your free one-to-one Onboarding Session with a member of The Audience Agency team.