The Audience Finder Data Tools consists of three platforms designated to help arts organisations of all types, collect, analyse, access and report on their audience data, all of which include Audience Spectrum as a segmentation system. Our data tools provide insights that can inform and enhance data-driven decision making. 


Audience Finder is the Audience Agency’s original insight portal designed for venues to access audience insights using their ticketing and survey data and benchmark against national data by artform and time period. It is ideal for getting started in understand your audiences and in putting insights into practice. 


Show Stats is the UK’s leading production insight tool allowing both touring companies and venue-based organisations functionality to locate and request their ticketed production data from their touring venues and run reports on their productions. It is ideal for analysing tours, year on year shows or for creating custom groupings of your productions. This platform is not applicable if your organisation does not have ticketed productions. 


Audience Finder 2.0 BETA (AF 2.0 BETA) is our next generation Audience Finder tool, currently in an open testing phase. It consists of a range of insights to dig deeper into your audiences and give you access to raw and processed data on your Audience Finder and Digital Audience surveys. Additionally, this platform is where ticketed organisations are required to categorise their productions with an artform, helping them to make full use of the artform analysis functionality across our tools. Funded organisations across the UK will also need to complete reporting their national funder (Arts Council England, Creative Scotland & Arts Council of Wales) using AF 2.0 BETA.