In order to collect responses from audiences who are engaging exclusively digitally in a post-COVID landscape, we have developed a Digital Audience Survey which is free for users to set up and request whenever they wish.


This survey was developed in response to the Coronavirus lockdowns and was intended to empower organisations with a resource to monitor their online audiences in the form of visitors to their website. As a result of this, it contains questions which relate specifically to a shift from physical to online engagement in the context of COVID-19. This survey has provided a significant quantity of data about digital audience engagement and you can find the outline of the most recently-published results here, including the link to download the full report. 


The survey was initially open until March 31st 2021, however due to the fact that arts and cultural organisations remained closed later than this date, the current Digital Audience survey will remain open until August 31st 2021. Organisations are free to run the survey until this time.


We really recognise the value in surveying online audiences and accordingly The Audience Agency is making the Digital Audience Survey a permanent product within the broader Audience Finder data tools. In line with the developing situation, we will be releasing an updated version more suited to monitoring digital engagement alongside physical attendance in a post-lockdown context. We will be in touch directly with everyone running the current Digital Audience Survey to let them know when the new version is ready so that they can set themselves up with a new survey link, if they so wish.