We’ve improved the artform coding functionality and it is now called production categorisation. You can now easily categorise all your productions with artforms within Audience Finder 2.0 Beta - the next generation Audience Finder service. Rather than having to wait to categorise a backlog of productions from each financial quarter, anyone within your organisation with an Audience Finder account can now use AF2.0 Beta to categorise productions, at any time. 


N.B. You will no longer receive quarterly artform coding sheets and all artform coding is to be applied by this new method of production categorisation. 


To categorise your productions, please follow the instructions below: 


Step 1: Visit the Audience Finder 2.0 Beta site to login

Step 2: Once logged in to your homepage you will see the heading Manage Data Sources 

Step 3: Click on the link that says Uncategorised Productions

Please be aware that you can toggle between years. Just remember to click the Change Year button to see uncategorised productions from other years. 


We’d also recommend that anyone who is new to this task or hasn’t done it for a while, check out our Knowledge Base articles on Artforms and definitions and The 3 Cs of Production Categorisation


We'll be adding and improving features all the time. When you login to AF2.0 Beta you will see a variety of ways you can give us your suggestions and ideas. Your feedback is vital to us, so we can build new features that are useful to you and make existing ones better.