You can analyse both your ticketing and survey data by Audience Spectrum in Audience Finder and Audience Finder 2.0 BETA. (AF 2.0 BETA) If you are a touring organisation or use Show Stats as a venue to run production reports, you can also do this within your Show Stats dashboard.

Analysing Audience Spectrum in your ticketing dashboard

For organisations contributing ticketing data within Audience Finder. The 'Customer Profile' section of your dashboard analyses your data by Audience Spectrum in full. The 'Timeframe' and 'Artform' filters allow you to filter the options shown by Audience Spectrum. Enhanced features are available to dig deeper into your data using Audience Spectrum.  

Analysing Audience Spectrum in your survey dashboard

For organisations contributing survey data within Audience Finder, once you have collected 380 full responses, you can view your survey responses by Audience Spectrum within the 'Customer Profile' question set within the 'Segmentation' section the left-hand toolbar. The 'Group Type, Visitor Type and Timeframe filters allow you to filter your data accordingly. If you have multiple Audience Finder surveys, you can toggle between surveys using the 'Primary Survey' section.


Reporting on Audience Spectrum within Audience Finder

Using the 'Reports' section of your Audience Finder, you can run a ticketing or survey report that includes your Audience Spectrum data. You can find full details of how to run a report within Audience Finder here.