If you have customer data not currently within your Audience Finder/Audience Finder 2.0 BETA (AF 2.0 BETA) dashboards and cannot set up a ticketing or survey dashboard to analyse this data. I.e. the data is not in a compatible Audience Finder survey format or within a compatible Audience Finder ticketing system. You can still use Audience Spectrum considering you have the full postcodes of these audiences, these options are both a paid additional service of Audience Finder. 

You can find out more on Audience Spectrum as a segmentation model here.

Profile the records with an Audience Spectrum type

Audience Spectrum Profile

Undertaking an Audience Spectrum Profile shows you the proportion of each Audience Spectrum segment you have in your audience, compared with the Audience Spectrum profile of the broader population in your local area (or an area of your choice). See an example version of the report HERE priced at £200.00 plus VAT.


Audience Spectrum Profile Plus

In addition to a profile, an Audience Spectrum Profile Plus has all the features of a profile, but adds commentary and detail about the segments that are particularly notable in your audience, compared to your target population. It also includes maps to illustrate your reach and geographic spread priced at £325.00 plus VAT.

Both options give you a full overview of your data via Audience Spectrum that can be used for marketing campaign implementation, evaluation, funding applications and advocacy.

Tag the individual records with an Audience Spectrum type

If you wish to see the individual Audience Spectrum type of each customer record, we can undertake to tag your data so you can see the profile of each customer record.

If you are looking to refresh an existing marketing campaign, unlock opportunities in your database with segmented direct mailshots, print distribution runs, or reporting and evaluation purposes. Targeted Lists are a quick and practical way to use tactical audience segmentation in your daily marketing plans.

Priced at £275 plus VAT for first 1,000 records you receive, plus £75 + VAT for every additional 1,000 records after that.