As the sector begins to reopen, growing to-do lists mean that for many of us, now might not be the time for a deep dive into data. 


So, in a time of change when understanding our audiences is more important than ever, here are some top tips for quickly assessing the information that might make all the difference. 



Identify your audiences’ most important considerations in returning
For any organisation contributing survey or ticketing data, this process takes around 45 minutes



When exploring these insights do consider: 

  • Keep these insights at the forefront of your thinking when planning for reopening. 
  • Which of your audience groups will need most attention over the next 6 months? 
  • Are any groups unlikely to return in person right away? 
  • If so, what are your plans for keeping them engaged until they are ready? 
  • Does your new programming offer meet the needs of all your core groups? 
  • Does your planned marketing activity address their main motivations for returning? 
  • What could your audiences perceive as a barrier to attending? (e.g. lack of parking for those uneasy about public transport).


Show your audiences that they have been heard. Identify what they think you can improve and understand what they like best about you.
For any organisation contributing survey data, this process takes around 15 minutes


  • Log into Audience Finder 2.0 Beta and from the insights list, select ‘What do my survey respondents say about my organisation?’. 
  • From here, you can toggle between the tabs to view positive, mixed, neutral and negative comments, taking note of comments that arise more than once, or are potentially quickly actionable. 
  • Take a look at the ‘How to make use of this insight section’ for more handy tips.


Not yet accessed Audience Finder 2.0 Beta? All Audience Finder users have been set up with an account in Audience Finder 2.0 Beta. Login using the magic link here


Set up a rolling survey to monitor who is returning and when (and to what and why) and adapt your tactics as you go.

For any organisation. Takes 15 minutes.


  • Set up a free Audience Finder survey to stay on top of changes in your audience makeup. Request your survey setup here
  • Your survey will comprise of our core questions, plus 5 additional questions of your choice from our premium questions list. More information on survey set up and options can be found here


For optimum results, use a methodology that provides you with a steady stream of responses (for example, an e-survey sent to attendees via an automated post-show email, or an e-survey accessed by visitors through a QR code in your venue). New survey responses are updated to your Audience Finder dashboard on a weekly basis, allowing you to monitor results and adapt your engagement tactics as you go.