You’ve categorised all your uncategorised productions in Beta – woohoo! So what next? 


Within Audience Finder 


To see a breakdown of your audiences by artform, log back into Audience Finder and navigate to your Tickets – Headlines page (see screenshot 1) and use the dropdown filter which says Artform to select audience insights for different artforms.  

Screenshot 1:

Within Beta 


To compare the Audience Spectrum profile of audiences between two artforms, log into Beta and on your homepage find the Insights menu within the blue box. Navigate to the Insight called: How does the profile of my audiences compare between two artforms? See screenshot 2

Select your chosen artforms from the two dropdown lists to generate an Audience Spectrum profile comparison, then click Generate. Have a read through the What’s next section for ideas on how to interpret this data. 


Don't forget, the greater the number of productions that have been categorised with an artform, the more reliable and robust your insight will be. If you haven't yet categorised any of your productions, the insight will not be available until you do so. 
As you can categorise your productions at any time, it’s best to schedule in a regular production categorisation task to avoid accumulating a backlog of uncategorised shows.  


If you’re wondering how long it will take for recently categorise productions to be available within your insight data, then please see our Knowledge Base article on how long it takes for artform data to update. 

Screenshot 2: