Ticketed venues contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder can also use Show Stats in the same way as touring organisations for running reports on their production data based on their audience and insight objectives. Audience Finder and Audience Finder 2.0 Beta allows venues to explore their data by artform and date range, while utilising Show Stats provides similar functionality at a production and performance level.


Unlike touring organisations, venues do not have to request access to their production data but can begin running reports and grouping their productions using the Custom Group feature straight away. Simply select your productions and performances by financial year, and you can begin running reports with the associated costs

We would recommend taking an objective led approach to running reports and consider where creating custom groups can help develop your insight. For example, are you looking to plan the next marketing campaign for this year’s pantomime or a returning performer or touring company as you reopen? Why not locate relevant productions from before the pandemic and look to create a custom group to give you a full overview of audiences who attended this production last time around or a sample across a range of productions? 


Even better, why not look to track previous changes between previous years to see how and if the audience has changed, creating separate custom groups for the 2018 productions and the 2019 equivalent so you can see how audiences were changing before the pandemic, allowing you to compare historical differences and get a better insight for future planning. Looking at the Audience Spectrum profile, first-time visitors, ticket yield and top postal sector could be an ideal start, cross-referencing this with other reporting from Audience Finder, Audience Finder 2.0 Beta, your ticketing/CRM system, Google Analytics/social media dashboard or otherwise.


If you require more assistance in planning your objectives and understanding your data as a venue using Show Stats, let us know via accountmanagement@theaudienceagency.org.