If your organisation is moving over to a new ticketing system, you need to let us know so that we can re-establish a data feed to your Audience Finder dashboard. 


Please note that this is an article designed for organisations who are already contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder. If you have not yet begun contributing ticketing data, you can request a standard set up here


When do you need to contact us?

There is no need to contact us until your new system is up and running. Once this is the case, please complete this online form to let us know the details. 

Once your request form has been submitted, someone from our team will be in touch to begin the setup on your new system.


When we switch, will we lose access to our current or past Audience Finder insights?

Once a data feed is set up on your new system, you will be able to access ticketing insights via your Audience Finder dashboard for all data within your new system, including any historical data that has been migrated from your previous ticketing system. 


As such, we recommend migrating a minimum of 2 years of data when switching to a new ticketing system. This will allow you to identify trends in your audiences over the past few years. 


Can we set up our new ticketing system so that Audience Finder artforms are extracted automatically?

Yes! If you use Spektrix, Tessitura or Ticketsolve, Audience Finder artforms can be set up within your ticketing system and extracted automatically. This provides a simple alternative to completing your production categorisation within Audience Finder 2.0 Beta


To get started, read our instruction articles:

Applying Audience Finder artforms within Spektrix

Applying Audience Finder artforms within Tessitura

Applying Audience Finder artforms within Ticketsolve